Hello, 2017


As much as I love Christmas and feel a little flumpy when it is over and January beckons, there is something about new year that kindles excitement inside me, as well as a kind of comfort. Although I don’t go in for grand resolutions, the organised person inside of me enjoys the prospect of a clean slate, a clear line to step over into something new and fresh. If there is ever a best time to approach something differently, or start something new, January is that time.

The past couple of days for me have been a time for clearing out and cleaning up! I tried to put a positive spin on the dismal ritual of un-trimming the tree, by rearranging the furniture a little to fill the void or clearing space for a new candle or lamp. It kind of worked. Until I saw poor Gentleman Badger tucked away in the Christmas decorations box, heading for the loft. *sob*

But of course I baked a little cake to see in 2017. A cute 6-inch chocolate sponge, sandwiched with coconut buttercream (I ran out of cocoa so went with coconut….YUMM!) and cherry conserve, suited up with some scrabble marzipan letters and rosemary sprigs…that remind me of a Christmas fir…mmm!

2016 was a year to remember and I think 2017 is going to be full of lovely things.

For example, Christmas 2016 was the first time we hosted the big day! Here is our table of nibbles to get the deliciousness started. CJ arranged the charcuterie and cheese boards and salmon canapés while I was elbow deep in that bread wreath and some mahoosive Yorkshire puddings.


What a joy!

2016 is also the year we got engaged, and 2017 is the year we will tie the knot!








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