A Wedding Cake



As a home baker and avid cake-and-all-things-wedding-but-mostly-cake Pinner, the biggest privilege is to be asked to make someone’s wedding cake. I was trusted with this project last summer, when I was asked to make a three-tiered wedding cake. The brief: semi-naked, three different flavours, adorned with fresh fruit and flowers.


I was reaaaaaaally excited. Like really. Excited. Every spare minute was spent sketching and scribbling in a notepad, as well as imagining all the things that could go beautifully right but also spectacularly wrong.

My lovely bride asked for vanilla to feed the masses, with a classic red velvet in the middle and little 6-inch chocolate cake for the top tier. When making any occasion cake, I have to know it is going to be a sock-knocker-offer in both taste and texture, as well as looking super sassy. Dry, heavy sponges that will last for days and stand up to serious carvery just aren’t my thing, despite how epic their elaborate exteriors can look.

Since the vanilla tier was the main weight-bearer, I had to find a happy medium between fluffy Victoria sponge and sturdy, reliable Madeira. I did this by adjusting the flour and raising agent quantities, as well as baking each layer in separate sandwich tins for a briefer oven time, equaling a lighter texture, even top and minimal crusty edges. This resulted in a beautifully even, pale golden sponge that could stand the weight of its two cakey sisters but tasted hella moist.

I am making my own wedding cake in 10 months’ time and it is ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT. I have already changed my mind about flavours and design about 5 billion times and I’m pretty sure I’m not done yet. I’ve come to accept that I’ll be wearing buttercream eyeshadow and flour hairspray. Looooooool. Current favourite design uses my Scrabble cookie cutters which I am obsessed with and would happily use to cut my toast into tiny alphabet bites.





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